Scholarship Application

We now invite applications for the International Summer School in Uganda - Survey Methodology and Data Management (ISSU) to be held from February 01 to February 12, 2021. The Summer School is funded by the VW Foundation and jointly organized by GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany, and Muteesa I Royal University, Uganda. It will bring together 50 participants from Germany, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

To submit your application for a scholarship to attend the International Summer School in Uganda - Survey Design and Data Management (ISSU), please fill in the following fields and upload your complete application as one single PDF file. The PDF file should include:

  • Cover letter explaining
    • the importance of participating in the ISSU for your research work
    • your previous experiences with empirical social science research
    • which courses you would like to attend and why.
  • Up-to-date CV including a description of your current occupation and a list of publications (if applicable)
  • Copy of degree certificate of highest current academic degree held including transcript of records.
  • A tabular list of courses on empirical social science methods you have previously completed, containing the following:
    • Title of the course
    • Name of the lecturer
    • Institution that offered the course
    • Brief description of the course contents (max. 50 words)

You can find more information on the ISSU website. Should you have any questions before submitting your application, please send an e-mail to issu [at] gesis.org.

If you are experiencing difficulties creating a single pdf document for upload, you can use the free PDF-XChange Editor and follow these instructions on merging pdf files.

Please fill in the following fields:
Family Name*:
First Name*:
E-Mail address*:
Job title*:
Field of study*:
(e.g., political science, biology)
Research interests*:
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Highest academic degree*:
Country of residence*:
Home address*:
Mobile phone number*:
Course preferences*: You can choose from one of two courses in each week. Please indicate for each week which of the courses you would prefer to attend.
1st choice 2nd choice
Week 1
Introduction to Survey Design
Research Data Management
Week 2
Cross-Cultural Survey Research
Introduction to Data Analysis Using R

In order for our lecturers to prepare their courses adequately, we need to collect some information on participants' previous knowledge. We therefore kindly ask you to answer the following questions.

Which of these is a falsifiable hypothesis?*

If you ask people about their favorite color, which level of measurement do your data have?*

In the following sentence, please identify the dependent variable:*
Older people are more religious than younger people.

If you look at figures of economic growth for different countries, are you using individual-level data or aggregate-level data?*

I confirm that I will be able to bring a laptop to work with during the courses.*

To organize the application process and the summer school, the ISSU organizers at GESIS and Muteesa I Royal University electronically collect, store, and process your personal data.*

Your Application (PDF only)*:
* = required